Starting again

Where some may find me insane, others find me heroic for beginning my masters degree at this time.

Please, allow me to give a little insight; I am currently one month away from being half a century in age, I have 5 children age 2 to 10 in my home, my childcare assistance has been revoked, I just bought a car to fit all of these children into safely and do not have income to cover monthly payments, and my computer crapped out on me.

Ok, now I believe myself to be insane!

I have always believed in doing things with my whole soul involved. I do not feel ready to do this but, I think the Universe has big plans for me!

I want to make a difference in the right way, not just in a big way. I’ve seen too much pain come out of addiction for so many, especially children. I have to be able to do something about this!

In my studies I want to better myself and better my chances of getting through to those that need my help. My responsibility to the children in my care and the parents trying to get help for their babies, this is what pushes me. I need to know that I can make a difference to a family. I need too know that difference will be beneficial to society as a whole.

With this being said, I begin my Masters in Psychology with a solid, heavy goal in mind. I will continue coaching and maintaining my guide status but, will be gaining insight on my clients in a different light. Mindset work is always fluid. Where the flow is taking me now, I only know what I want the feeling to be. I am able to make anything I want from this, and I want to spread my peace.

I will be sharing as much of my journey as I can here. I have no idea how much time I will have to dedicate to blogging when I must write whole papers!

Blessings to everyone… you are a gift 💝

Published by LisasOasis

Retired hairstylist, working wellness coach in training, and beacon of light by nature

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