My story.

When I first decided to go into health as a career, I knew it would be a lengthy journey. Years of college training to get my BA in Complementary and Alternative Health, another few years to get halfway through my coaching training to get certified as a wellness coach, and still more time building my business and brand! Thankfully, I am able to create income while building this empire and also raise a bunch of kids!

Let me start from the beginning.


As a child, I was hyper aware of the energy that connects everything we see and don’t see. I was the classic case of indigo child but without the severe chronic illness. I was not attracted to the popular unhealthy things other children couldn’t live without such as McDonald’s and excessive amounts of candy (I certainly ate such things but they were not a staple in my home). I had always been more attracted to healthier food choices. I have also always been aware of my ability to control my personal energy. I started experimenting with this when I was around 5 or 6. I felt energy all around me at all times. I felt how it changed with different circumstances, surroundings and how I could change it at will.

Being able to heal with a touch was something I had learned, at a later time, was not a normal ability. My mom and grandmother would have me touch or rub their head when they had a headache or felt a migraine coming on. It would instantly go away. They would talk about it for hours! I just thought it was because my hands were cold! There is always more to a story, especially if it’s a good one.

One main part of my story began around 5 years ago when my sister lost control of her household. She had been cohabitating with our mom, her children and her boyfriend but her drug habit was too much to maintain the pseudo-independence any longer. By this time, she had 4 children and our mom was trying desperately (vainly) to save them. They got evicted and separated. The boyfriend won custody of his 3 children while my sisters first born came into mine. At this point, my own baby was in the process of moving out and I was looking forward to retiring from full-time parenthood. All of that changed that fateful evening.

Fast forward one and a half years later; the younger children’s father lost custody of them and the county took them. My mother was distraught so, we managed to wrangle them into our waiting arms as my sister gives birth to another…. This one addicted to her drugs. 5 children, now. I have a newborn at the tender age of 46…

As I walk my path in life, it’s become apparent that I should connect more with my inner child to be more effective a healer. At nearly 50 years of age, I find recalling my childhood more and more difficult. The motivation to raise the children in my home has changed; I am now raising them for a different reason. My focus is still on not raising assholes, but I am also recognizing behavior and thought patterns I remember in myself and my siblings! ~~~*There is always a reason… and changing my focus will heal the stress of burden every time. Having patience with myself is something I have had to learn and practice; now is such a time to practice. The responsibility beholden to me is great. The children do not understand this, they only know Love. This connection with the children and my inner child will propel us forward into massive success! This is my focus.

Since realizing this next step in my journey as a healer, I recognize certain details that had gotten lost somewhere along the way. This is recognition most often seen through the children I am raising. They show me the things I need to see in myself.



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Retired hairstylist, working wellness coach in training, and beacon of light by nature

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