Injuries of Passion

I understand that passion means something different depending on context, but to me, passion is that thing that pushes you forward no matter what kind of pain it puts you through. That being said, sometimes that passion can get you injured.

This type of thing is most noticeable when we’re watching sports and keeping up with the figures. The passion the players show indicate the severity of the injury more times than not! I play fantasy football and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated by one (or all) of my best players getting severely injured mid-game. This is the fortitude shown within the person passionately playing their position measured in injury.

My theoretical view may be seen differently by others as, perhaps, carelessness or overwork but, at times, this is a direct result of passion.

My passion is helping people. This injures in a different way.

My career path had been very successful for over 2 decades before I started to experience the pain from my passion. I had been warned in the beginning that the posture held by hairstylists could cause severe spinal damage if ignored. I ignored it for too long.

When I started feeling the pain, it seemed like I was just overworking myself. I figured I was just working too long or needed to keep up with chiropractic appointments.


I have irreversible injuries that allopathic medicine cannot help with unless I agree to allow them to drug me up or cut me open.

As a holistic health professional, that just doesn’t seem right.

Of course, I have never been comfortable with allopathic (Western) medical practice. This is the main reason I chose this career. There was never a time when I was comfortable with a “doctor”. I know that there are plenty of others that can relate to this. Maybe I am speaking to you?

All of this was written to explain my reasoning behind leaving a successful career but, in all honesty, I believe I have found my true calling. I have alway been a counselor, advisor, coach, confidant or guide, especially to my hair clients. My natural insight has always allowed me to relate to others even when I don’t want to speak at all. I have, inadvertently, become “family” to some clients and been called at very odd hours of the night by others, only because they feel that close to me. None of this was intentional. All of this taught me to set and enforce boundaries.

My passion has caused me injury…. Keeping in mind; only pain teaches good lessons! I am ready to go into this with everything I’ve got!

Published by LisasOasis

Retired hairstylist, working wellness coach in training, and beacon of light by nature

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