Chocolate milk & Oreos

I just turned 49 and my body is doing the most odd things. They’re tiny, unimportant things but, bothersome in that they’ve never happened before.

The craving of chocolate has always been during menstruation times; right before or during. I have never had cravings 3 days after it ended!

Cannot get enough!

The thought occurred to me that my fluctuating hormones simply don’t know what time it is. My period comes regularly every 3 months now since the year (2021) started. I am positive it will no longer visit me soon.

As the year comes to a close, I am thinking of my future. Excitement fills me when I realize that I will be unhindered by this female burden. Simultaneously, I am brought to the new light of new aches and pains.

I guess give and take comes into play… 🥲

These little things are very busy creating a new me. I’ve always thought I was just fine as I was. I am realizing, now, that I could use a little tweaking.

It seems that the world is changing within and without, for me! I am glad change does not frighten me. What was once beautiful is still beautiful in another form. Another light shines where one was thought to have gone out. Peace, prosperity and fruitfulness lies ahead! I simply must practice patience.

I only hope to help others find solace in their own personal changes. Be at peace and learn this new you coming forth!

Published by LisasOasis

Retired hairstylist, working wellness coach in training, and beacon of light by nature

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