When it comes to wellness…

When it comes to wellness, it is very important to share thoughts and feelings. Even more important to share those thoughts and feelings with those that care to empathize with them. Even more important to be open to responses to those thoughts and feelings.

There is a lot that goes on with wellness; more than just the mind-body-spirit connection. All things influence and challenge our wellness and we should all be aware of those things that challenge our wellness. In order to do that, we can exercise our most important resource; awareness!

Being aware of what influences any given response is the first step in knowing how to heal yourself. Without knowing what the issue is, one would be hard-pressed to fix it! This is where patience comes into the game. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out the origin of certain issues. To face one’s fears is more important than one would think!

Wellness is more than cutting down junk food and adding more veggies to your life. It is your entire thought process around what wellness is, and is not. There are stories of people with eating disorders finding balance with exercise and those with addiction problems finding solace in groups, but these solutions do not work the same for everyone. Every body is different. We have to figure out what works for us as individuals. Following a pack mindset will keep us in trouble, that’s a guarantee!

Being able to share your individual story to help others is a significant part of healing. In this manner, the healing begins with the individual. The process continues and is passed on as the healing progresses from individual to individual. In theory, this can help the world heal, but in reality it is the mindset that must be healed first. As long as the popular world puts media ahead of its elders and learning from experience, we will have trouble changing the mindset. I am working to be able to share my story(ies) with those that can empathize with it to facilitate their healing as well as my own.

Those that currently have this healing mindset are often overlooked and have limited and stunted options when it comes to health and healing. I am working to be the advocate for this awakened mindset. Those that understand that the healing cycle does not end with allopathic medicine and it’s finite beliefs. To this awakened mindset, the words “there is no cure” brings the question “with chemicals and surgery? “, instead of a sense of dread. These are th3r few that understand that there is more to health and healing than cutting people open and poisoning them. And also, this is the very first step toward the awakened mindset.

I Am your guide.

Published by LisasOasis

Retired hairstylist, working wellness coach in training, and beacon of light by nature

2 thoughts on “When it comes to wellness…

    1. I know this reply comes a year late but, self-awareness has everything to do with wellness! You have to know what is comfortable for yourself to know what is good for yourself.


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