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My name is Lisa and I am a wellness coach

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  • It’s Friday the 13th!
    Have to post a blog on Friday, the 13th so everyone knows that it’s just a day…. A wonderful day! All great things happen on Friday the 13th! I have never thought of any day as “bad” or “unlucky” so, I experience no dissonance when expressing my love for Halloween and Friday the 13th. Always,Continue reading “It’s Friday the 13th!”
  • Merry Christmas! 🎄
    Well, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but this story is about Christmas. My mother has always loved Christmas and I could never figure out why. I have always felt slighted by Christmas… like I had done something wrong to get on Santa’s bad side. I never got what I asked for, nor what IContinue reading “Merry Christmas! 🎄”
  • The little things…
    Should we start by saying that big things come in small packages? Or, maybe mention how small talk brings a big impact? How about my favorite sayng when I was in high school, “I may be small, but I’m mean and mighty”! There are so many ways that the seemingly insignificant has brought about revolutionaryContinue reading “The little things…”
  • Starting again
    Where some may find me insane, others find me heroic for beginning my masters degree at this time. Please, allow me to give a little insight; I am currently one month away from being half a century in age, I have 5 children age 2 to 10 in my home, my childcare assistance has beenContinue reading “Starting again”
  • I am a guide, not a guru
    Most of the time, I know what I need to do. There are times that I am not able to do what I know I need to. I struggle with the need to be prepared to assist others in what they ask of me. Fear grips my soul when I realize that I am tryingContinue reading “I am a guide, not a guru”

While I create my story, I would like to help you along with yours.

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