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My name is Lisa and I am a wellness coach

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  • Financial freedom prayer
    Archangel Ariel🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟Please open the door to my financial freedom💰💸 so I never have to depend on other people for money and support. 🤲🏽Help me to become fully capable of making my own living and giving generously to those who need my help. 🙏🏾Amen!
  • Peace in chaos
    I’ve had a rough few months. My family is good, but everything else is crazy hard, right now. I have been in tears more times than I can count. I understand that it all works out, but I don’t understand how. Which is the right move? Where is the right step to make it better?Continue reading “Peace in chaos”
  • Daily Writing Prompt 4/3/23
    Answering the prompt; Which aspects do you think makes a person unique? My answer at this time will have to be trauma. Everyone experiences trauma. Newborns experience the trauma of birth, and the sick and elderly experience the trauma of facing the end of their life and no one is exempt from the traumas inContinue reading “Daily Writing Prompt 4/3/23”
  • It’s Friday the 13th!
    Have to post a blog on Friday, the 13th so everyone knows that it’s just a day…. A wonderful day! All great things happen on Friday the 13th! I have never thought of any day as “bad” or “unlucky” so, I experience no dissonance when expressing my love for Halloween and Friday the 13th. Always,Continue reading “It’s Friday the 13th!”
  • Merry Christmas! 🎄
    Well, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but this story is about Christmas. My mother has always loved Christmas and I could never figure out why. I have always felt slighted by Christmas… like I had done something wrong to get on Santa’s bad side. I never got what I asked for, nor what IContinue reading “Merry Christmas! 🎄”

While I create my story, I would like to help you along with yours.

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