Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„

Well, I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but this story is about Christmas.

My mother has always loved Christmas and I could never figure out why. I have always felt slighted by Christmas… like I had done something wrong to get on Santa’s bad side. I never got what I asked for, nor what I wanted!

Finally, when I was 7 years old, I came across a random toy while looking for something completely different πŸ™„ around Christmas time. I may or may not have been searching with my brother… yes, of course he would have been my scapegoat. 😁

I didn’t tell my brother I found it; secrets came out of him like pee. I quickly shuffled out of the tiny space and acted like nothing happened. I also told my brother the search was off and I didn’t want to play that game anymore.

A few days later, I opened a gift from under the tree, labeled for me…. and guess what was in there…. yes, it was what I found. I know my face lit up and I squeaked a little at the little Muppets vinyl sticker playset, but my mom’s reaction changed my mindset about Christmas completely.

I still hate Christmas but, for different reasons now.

You see, mom thought I really enjoyed finding that gift. To be honest, I loved it, just not that much. The glee was because I finally got solid proof that I was telling the wrong person what I wanted. That’s why I wasn’t getting it! I really wanted a bike for Christmas. I really wanted a bike EVERY Christmas! That little box taught me lessons on people, family, and Santa πŸŽ… in that instant.

First, Santa is Black! Second, you are selling yourself short on this idea of Santa. You’ll get way more from your kiddos if they understand that you are the one busting your a$$ to get them a great experience on Christmas morning! Third, this is all about the smile you see on someone else’s face, not that you get what you asked for or not.

Let’s be real; this overproduction of drama doesn’t put anyone in good spirits. I’ve been through the Walmart parking lot this time of year. Not doing that again, ever.

But, that “feel good” Christmas movie you watch every year (my kids love home alone) tugging on the heart and improving the moisture in your eyes, gives you hope that humanity will, once again, value their loved ones smiles over everything.

My babes πŸ’—

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